Warranty Policy

Your Obligations Before Service
The period during which this Warranty is in effect will depend upon the fpdvision.com consumer product to which it relates. In all cases the commencement date for the period is the actual day of purchase, as reflected on the Authorised-Reseller’s or Distributor’s invoice / receipt provided to you.
When you return a product to our specified service center, you must ship the product in its original packaging or in packaging that affords an equal degree of protection. fpdvision.com Technical Support will provide instructions for packing and shipping the product to the fpdvision.com service center.
ALL USER DATA AND DOWNLOADED APPLICATIONS STORED ON A PRODUCT WILL BE DELETED IN THE COURSE OF SOME IN-HOME AND ALL SHIP-IN WARRANTY SERVICE. If this occurs, your product will be restored to its original state. You will be responsible for restoring all applicable user data and downloaded applications. Recovery and reinstallation of user data and downloaded applications is not covered under this warranty. In order to protect your personal information, fpdvision.com recommends that you always clear all personal information from the product before it is serviced, regardless of the servicer.

FPD’s Responsibilities
If fpdvision.com determines that a product is covered by this warranty, fpdvision.com will (at its option) repair or replace it, or refund the purchase price to you. There will be no charge for parts or labor during the warranty period. Replacement parts may be new or recertified at FPD’s option and sole discretion.

Types of Service
All other fpdvision.com products must be sent to our specified service center to obtain warranty service. FPD is not responsible for transportation costs to the service center, but FPD will cover return shipping to the customer.

The product is guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and parts for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.
Defects that occur within this warranty period, under normal use and care will be repaired, replaced or refunded at our discretion, solely at our option with no charge for parts and labour.

Please note the warranty is only for purchases made on fpdvision.com. For purchases made through FPD’s resellers, distributors and on other websites (such as Amazon), please contact them directly.
This section identifies what is excluded under this Warranty.
- This Warranty does not extend to loss caused by normal wear and tear, fire, water (liquid spillage or ingression), theft, vermin or insect infestation.
- Not Covered Under Warranty:
-product without sufficient proof of purchase;
-Lost or stolen product;
-items that have expired their warranty period;
-non quality-related issues (after 30 days of purchase);
-free products;
- misuse or abusive use of the fpdvision.com consumer product, including physical abuse;
- incorrect operation or not following the operation instructions (as stated in the Product Operation Manual or manufacturer’s instructions provided with the fpdvision.com consumer product);
- improper installation;
- incorrect or improper maintenance or failure to maintain the fpdvision.com consumer product;
- failure to clean or improper cleaning of the product;
- incorrect voltage or non-authorised electrical connections;
- adverse external conditions such as power surges and dips, thunderstorm activity, acts of God, acts of terrorism, damage caused by vermin, or any other act or circumstance beyond control of FPD;
- exposure to excessive heat, moisture or dampness;
- exposure to abnormally corrosive conditions;
- use of non authorised/non-standard, defective or incompatible parts;
- password setting/ resetting and computer virus;
- repair, modification or other work carried out on the fpdvision.com consumer product other than by Authorised fpdvision.com Service Personnel; and
- any damage caused by micro sims where the consumer product is not specifically designed to accept them.
- This Warranty does not cover fpdvision.com consumer products purchased in an auction.
- If the fpdvision.com consumer product you are using has been rented or leased by you, and you consider a claim might be made under this Warranty, you should refer the matter to the rental or leasing company immediately and they will handle the matter.
- This Warranty does not cover service costs in replacing and maintaining consumable parts which have ceased working through normal wear and tear.
- This Warranty does not cover fpdvision.com consumer products which, at the time you consider a claim might be made under this Warranty, do not bear the original manufacturer’s factory-applied serial number in its original form (for instance where it or the sticker bearing it has been removed, wiped out, rubbed off, or altered).

FPD is not liable for:
-loss of data incurred from use of products;
-returning personal items sent to Fpdvision.com

Please note that the repair of goods may result in loss of data and FPD is not responsible for this. You shall be soley responsible for backing up and protecting data against loss, damage or destruction.